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The last hours of Mars(-Kickstarter)

Hello Again!
The Space:1889 Mars Kickstarter is near the finish line. At this moment there are only 36 hours to get on board of the Aetherflyer. The 25.000€ (ca. 29.000$) Stretchgoal has finally fallen. You get an full Adventure printed inside the book. That is more than the German Version has! The ~4 hour Adventure "Emerald Waters" from Dominic Hladek is about 20 pages, and a very fun way to let your Players learn something about the history and people of Mars.After an initial attack of High Martian the Party crash landed there airship near a Canal-Martian Village where they have to gain the trust of the Natives, time is scarce because the High Martians will come again for they prey....
If you can get enough support together, (30.000€) They will print all the PDF Stretchgoals into an own booklet!
German Cover for the booklet

If you like Space:1889 I strongly suggest you support this Kickstarter. It will show Clockwork Publishing the International love for the game and will help to get much more books in translation. Maybe the Paris book will be next? Or my favourite, the Book about our nearest neighbour, Luna, the moon and the secrets hidden beneath her surface?
German Cover for the Moon - Maybe the next translation?

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