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This summer is hot in Germany and it is hot in Ubiquity-Land, too. That much is going on this year. It makes me happy to see all the new stuff coming out for Ubiquity!
Have your News:
Robert, the creator of Roan wants to expand his RPG about Diesel-Punk-Ponies. Roan WORLD AT WAR is planned to go on Kickstarter in December.
Roan is going to enter into a World War which will follow an abstract use of warfare with platoon vs. platoon combat.
A lot of balancing is going into creating the various platoons. Future additions whether to the main book or as micro expansions will include creating airships, ships, and other types of vehicle combat. A lot more that really can’t be presented in such a short summary!

Sound amazing to me, even if you (like me) don''t like the idea of using Ponies as characters!

Danger Magnets Presents Kickstarter for the Legacy of Darkness Campaign destroys there Strechtgoals fasten than I can report about it. You get the Vampire-Expansion from Leagues of Gothic Horror included, and the next Stretchgoal (a unique Character for one random Backer and a short All for One Adventure) is about 100$ from falling. Rumours say, the next tie in may be a Desolation Adventure.

Black Campbell Entertainment

Scott from Black Campbell Entertainment reported: Ubiquity version of "Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean" is almost there. Just waiting on one thing.
He gives us a short sneak peek at the table of content and a draft for the cover.
I'm hyped for this!

An appetizer for TAGs Cthulhu Codicil Kickstarter starting hopefully this month.

Let Tag speak for themselves:
As part of the Kickstarter we will have limited numbers of a Leagues of Cthulhu fold-able dice tray - perfect for your Leagues of Cthulhu dice (also part of the Kickstarter).
Manufactured by the talented people at All Rolled Up, these square folding dice trays (205mm x 205mm) are made from quality printed neoprene -- similar to a trading card game playmat or a mouse mat. Plastic snaps on the corners allow you to pinch the edges to create a tray to soften the clatter of dice, contain your rolls, and muffle your screams. When stowed away, fold in half and use the snaps for a narrow, wallet-like profile!

That was my Newsflash this time, with many shiny pictures for you! Missed anything? You want to share your project? Please send me a message!




  1. Initially the ponies thing turned me off the Roan setting. Having all those vehicle rules on hand makes it worth having just to borrow mechanics from.


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