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Dark Designs: Sneak peek

Greetings Field Operator!
Dark Designs, the first supplement for the Urban Fantasy/Horror/Modern Game Quantum Black get you, what every Player loves: More Guns. And bigger Guns. The Publisher allowed me to share some small Previews with you. This time we have the Vanquisher Weapon System. A nice Addition for your armoury. 
Take a look. No drooling!


Vanquisher Weapon System

Quantum Black asked QIDS to design a versatile field weapon that could serve multiple roles, though QIDS was not told the true reason for needing this. The Vanquisher series was designed to use a wide array of massive 10-gauge shotgun ammunition, including: shot rounds; solid, armor piercing slugs; high explosive incendiary rounds; rubber rounds; and dragon’s breath rounds. By loading different ammunition, an operative can optimize the Vanquisher for different tasks. It also comes in three models that all rely on the same ammunition, allowing for more versatility. While QIDS will sell it to a variety of customers, it was designed at the request of Quantum Black. One of the innovations is its ability to fire some unusual types of ammunition without requiring a pump action.
Vanquisher Pup: Designed to be the smallest, easiest to carry model in the Vanquisher series, the Pup is a compact bullpup shotgun with a pistol grip and a second grip beneath the gun for the other hand. It features a folding shoulder stock. It takes two hands to operate and holds six rounds. Quantum Black is testing whether to make the Pup standard equipment for all Field Operations teams.
Vanquisher Ultra: This is a larger version of the Vanquisher. It resembles a large shotgun. It features a rifled barrel and holds nine rounds. It is designed for teams expecting trouble.
Vanquisher Max: This prototype is a large, tripod mounted weapon, which is either used in place or carried by a drone. It fires the same varieties of rounds as the Vanquisher, holds more ammunition, and can fire in bursts or full automatic. It only requires a Strength of 2 when using a tripod. It is designed for Spider Teams on combat missions.

Vanquisher Ammunition

Vanquisher series guns can fire a variety of ammunition with different effects, as described below.
Shot: Vanquisher shot ammunition contains small pellets that spread when fired. This limits its range. It is the Vanquisher’s standard ammunition.
Slug: Vanquisher slug ammunition consists of a large, solid projectile. It is designed to pierce armor, causing targets to reduce in half the defense dice granted by armor.
High Explosive (HE): HE ammunition is both explosive and incendiary. It deals direct damage to its target and area of effect damage to anything within a five-foot radius of its target (see Core Rules, p. 100, for Area of Effect Attacks). It deals damage by dispersing intensely hot fragments, and damage dealt counts as fire damage for creatures vulnerable to fire (though due to the nature of the fragments, it never counts as caustic damage). Anything struck directly by it is also lit on fire. Its use is best saved for very specialized circumstances, as in close quarters it can damage allies or the shooter himself.
Rubber: Rubber rounds are low velocity slugs made of rubber-coated steel. They inflict non-lethal wounds and are useful for subduing horrors and avoiding lethal injuries to civilians.
Dragon’s Breath: Dragon’s Breath rounds produce a jet of flame, allowing Quantum Black teams to sport a flamethrower in the field without having to carry a separate weapon. This is useful when fire is needed, such as when battling Wendigo. It is not effective beyond one range increment, and it lights targets on fire in the same manner as a flamethrower (see p. 43).

Hope you like this as much as I do!
Can't wait for the complete book.




  1. I was kinda surprised when the kickstarter for this was for the spider teams, as it was a change from what the original book suggested for player characters. Gotta say though, it looks like they have some great ideas for combat options that might make it all work out!

  2. Hi,

    We got so much fan interest in the spider teams, we wanted to flesh out (define) for the players and GM's as what they really are and how to use them. Think of spider teams as an addition to the the core teams in you campaign , not a replacement.

    Quantum Black Games

  3. It sounds like a fine option, a lot of my players as well favor the higher firepower solutions within the game. I liked the original stuff as I'm less into the crunchy bits. I know both sides can fit, its just a tougher balance. I pledged for a print book, and whatever it adds I'm excited to see what new things are revealed.


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