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**This is the second time I post this today. The Layout was in shatters, and I was not able to find the reason...** Greetings everybody! I started this Blog-Project exactly 3 Months ago out of a whimp. Had the idea for a Ubiquity centered Blog some time ago. I was not sure, if there is enough content out there to keep it running, but just wanted to try it. I can proudly say, it was a good experience so far. I have fun with this hobby, and big bonus, some people reading it too! For the future I will try to make a News Summary every other week as a regulary update and post stuff I think is interesting and/or time-dependent whenever it comes to my mind.  But you arer not here reading my blabbering about myself, you are here for News! Just thinking, everytime I'm out of town, it seems to be time for all the publisher to get something out there... maybe, if I get away for a longer period of time, we will hear from Exile Games again? Lets get started. Another

Dark Designs: Sneak peek

Greetings Field Operator! Dark Designs , the first supplement for the Urban Fantasy/Horror/Modern Game Quantum Black get you, what every Player loves: More Guns. And bigger Guns. The Publisher allowed me to share some small Previews with you. This time we have the Vanquisher Weapon System. A nice Addition for your armoury.  Take a look. No drooling!   Vanquisher Weapon System Quantum Black asked QIDS to design a versatile field weapon that could serve multiple roles, though QIDS was not told the true reason for needing this. The Vanquisher series was designed to use a wide array of massive 10-gauge shotgun ammunition, including: shot rounds; solid, armor piercing slugs; high explosive incendiary rounds; rubber rounds; and dragon’s breath rounds. By loading different ammunition, an operative can optimize the Vanquisher for different tasks. It also comes in three models that all rely on the same ammunition, allowing for more versatility. While QIDS will sell it to a v

Old(ish) News

Greetings again! It's a while since my last post, but not much happens out there to write about the last weeks. I'm personally was occupied with having a cold and lay manly in my bed dying, or on another occasion helping my mother moving to the neighbouring country. By the way, not much is not the same as nothing, so get started for something. TAG released the Satans Playground PDF on DriveThru. The 30 Years War Supplement for the musketeer role-playing game All For One Régime Diabolique. Having been successfully kickstarted and with backers already perusing their copies, it's time to unleash Satan's Playground into the wider world! A print-on-demand version will be released later in the year. War is hell at the best of times, but it gets worse when the powers of Hell are directly involved. Satan’s Playground expands All for One into the Thirty Years’ War, a brutal conflict that is ripping Germany and neighboring lands apart. As survivo