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News calender week 45

Greetings! I'm predicted it in my last Newspost! Was some time away from my Blog and promptly Jeff Combos resurfaced. The magic power of my procrastination! But this power is to strong for a merely mortal man like me. So, read a new Update. Starting with the Kickstarter for the Cthulhu Codicil. After a really slow growing support for this project, TAG decided to unlock all the writing stretchgoal (almost every Stretchgoal) to give it a little push. As a backer you get now a 196 Pages book in exclusive hardcover. Retail will be 170 pages in softcover. The project is at the moment at 1000 ₤ past the finish line. Congratulations for Wiggy and his Team! You have 45 hours left to become a Backer and catch yourself some extra pages! Starts with 20₤ for the PDF, or 35₤ for the book (+shipping) Leagues of Cthulhu:Codicil on Kickstarter Shortly after releasing the Quantum Black:Dark Design PDF for the Kickstarter Backers it hit the Shelfs at DriveThru. You need more Gun