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2019 Week 3

This week we have an fantastic HEX-Podcast and a Cthulhu-Preorder from Triple Ace Games. I have to write it again. Preorder. NOT a Kickstarter. We life in an age of wonder.
Check it out!

A Preorder NOT A KICKSTARTER for a new Leagues of Cthulhu Book.

“I wandered lonely as dead Cthulhu
Whose dreams float on high o’er vales and hills”
Cumbria, with its majestic fells and glittering lakes, has embraced industrialization and yet refuses to release its grip on the past. It is a land once wandered not only by the poet William Wordsworth, but also by the Elder Things and Fungi from Yuggoth.
This supplement for Leagues of Cthulhu explores the English county of Cumbria in the Late Victorian Era. Contents include:
  • A history of the region stretching back to the dawn of time
  • An overview of the local culture
  • Over 30 locations, many with adventure seeds
  • A new tainted Bloodline
  • A list of notable dignitaries, statistics for stock characters, and a new cult – The Brotherhood of the Maimed King
Page Count: 32

Both the print book and PDF will be released in March. PDF links will be sent via our partners at Drivethru RPG.
Print + complimentary PDF: $12.99 (RRP $14.99 print only; $18.99 print + PDF)
PDF: $9.99 (RRP $11.99)

The Preorder will stop February the 4th!

Maybe you have a RPG dry spell, maybe you like to hear podcats, maybe even both. In each case I want to recommend Hollow Earth Expedition: Sky Raiders of Lemuria. An actual-play podcast hosted by RPPR Tabletop Tales. 7 Episodes are online so far. I`m only listened to the first one, but I liked it  very much. 
This people have fun and it is fun to listen in.

Hollow Earth Expedition: Sky Raiders of Lemuria  – Episode 1– Escape From New York

Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 4 – Flight of the Phoenix

Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 5 – At the Earth’s Core
Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 6 – Romancing the Stone

Hollow Earth Expedition – Sky Raiders of Lemuria – Episode 7 – The Man Who Would Be King

On my own behalf:
I really want to to realize some Ideas of my own, but I can`t get any contact to Mr. Combos reagarding a license. So maybe I have to change the rule-engine? Hit me with your Ideas!

Any Mistakes? Forgot something? You want to share your stuff or release your own article here?
Let me know!




  1. Its disappointing that Mr. Combos isn't responding to you. It'd be great to see some other ideas brought to the game system. I've always been a fan of pulling rules and ideas from a diverse set of settings when I GM stuff, so more is always better.

    There's a number of free publishing options with Drive Through RPG these days. Apparently there's no up front licensing cost, just some portion of the proceeds goes to the game system owner. The newest one is SWAG for Savage Worlds. Its a similar pulp action game which might be a good alternative to Ubiquity.


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