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Something New, something Old

Greetings Folks! Today I have not that much to report, but found some old Gem on my hard-drive, I want to share with you. First some News from TAG. Another Appedix is out for sale today! This time it's about your beloved big Suckers. Vampires! Leagues of Gothic Horror Appendix 2: Guide to Vampires This mini-supplement for Leagues of Gothic Horror expands on the Guide to Vampires, adding more options for bloodthirsty fiends and the intrepid globetrotters dedicated to hunting these abominations. Contents: * Talents: Bloodline: Bathory, Bloodline: Murray, Bloodline: Renfield, Bloodline: Van Helsing, Zoophagous Healing * Occult Relics: Blood Grenade, Bloodfang Dagger, Master Coffin * Diabolical Powers: Animate Gargoyle, Aura of Fear, Caustic Blood, Reduced Feeding, Supprerss Nature * Weaknesses: Power of the Lord Modifiers * Catalog of Fiends: Child Vampire (Feral), Child Vampire (Urbane) A link to the TAG Shop page at DriveThru , because the Appendix is not

Last day of Darkness

Greetings! Okay, I have to give it to you. I´m a little bit obsessed with this Legacy of Darkness Kickstarter and Danger Magnets Presents. This has absolutely nothing to do with the extra Comic I got from them. I swear. I just love this new wave of energy floating through Hollow Earth Expedition and the Ubiquity-Community on Facebook. Please stand with me. It is the last Update on this before it ends. BECAUSE IT IS THE LAST DAY OF THE CAMPAIGN! Legacy of Darkness is a official licensed Hollow Earth Expedition Adventure on the Surface World. About 60 Pages for 3-6 gaming sessions. It combines the action, adventure, and thrills of your favorite pulps and serial movies with the mystery and horror from the golden age of cinema. Creating a one of a kind adventure that will leave your players excited for more.You can play it with your own Characters or use a bunch of fancy pregenerated ones included in the adventure. The PDF Level is only 15 $ and real books starts at 19$ (+ ca

Leagues of Gothic Horror - Appendices

Good day! Triple Ace Games has something new added to their great portfolio of gaming goodness. Here is the text from the TAG Newsletter: Leagues of Gothic Horror Appendices Wiggy's imagination is like a piñata - if you hit it hard enough something tasty usually falls out. In this case, it's new material for Leagues of Gothic Horror in the form of products we're calling Appendices.   Each product in the Appendix line is two to six pages (US letter size, PDF format only) in length and adds extra material for one specific aspect of the setting. Just to be clear, this isn't material that was left out of any previous books - it's all new. Finished so far are Appendices for Apparitions, Mordavia, Vampires, and Walking Dead.   The first release adds more from the works of Edgar Allan Poe. This Appendix adds Bloodline Talents (first found in Leagues of Cthulhu), allowing you to play a Pym or Usher, visit places like the House of Usher or Valley of Colored

Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean - The PDF is finally here!

You can't take the Sky from me... Hello Everybody! It is finally here. The PDF of Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean from Black Campbell Entertainment is out on DriveThruRPG! 146 pages of daring adventures on the Sky of the Mediterranean Sea.  There will be a Discount for the printed book, if you got the PDF first! T ake a look and get it! The Great War has left the world changed. The destruction of the old world has created opportunity for those skilled and brave enough to exploit it. In the skies over the Mediterranean, a new and daring breed of pirate  flying the latest aircraft  is taking advantage of the political instability between the old nations of Europe and those born out of the collapse of the empires of Austria-Hungary, Russia, and the Ottomans. Join the Foreign Volunteer Force -- the Sky Rats -- and fight this aerial menace, or put together your own crew to  plunder the unsuspecting!  Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean includes an alternate histor


Hello again! It has grown a bit more silent the last weeks in the Ubiquity-Realm. Maybe some Post-Gen-Con Downtime? I don't know. But something is happening anyway. Here is your round up: Black Campbell Entertainment The Fate and Ubiquity versions of “Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean” are ready for PDF, but print is taking a bit longer than desired. It’s 144 pages with dogfight rules for the respective systems, loads of planes, NPCs, pirate gangs, and an overview of the Mediterranean in the 1920s and early 1930s. Price for the ebook will be $9.99, the physical book $19.99. Danger Magnets Presents  The Kickstarter for Legacy of Darkness is one week away from the finish line. If you are a supporter of the 15$ level or above (even if they forgot to write it in the softcover-level) you will get the adventure AND 4 smaller PDF Adventures extra! Adventure number 5 (at 7000$) is only 12$ away. New Stretchgoal at 8000$ is a Savage Worlds Conversion, so tell you

Old West - The Fan Made Western Setting

  Howdy Partners! Today I will present you the biggest Fan Project for Hollow Earth I know of. A full flesh out Wild West Setting and 3 Adventures, all for free! Old West RPG Redux 72 pages of Western goodness, you need a Hollow Earth Expedition book to use it. A Series of Unfortunate Events An adventure for beginning heroes. A bank robbery that is not what it seems to be... El Brujo The second adventure is for experienced heroes. A dangerous gang of outlaws is terrorizing the area of Southern New Mexico... The Ivory Trail The third adventure which also offer you the possibility to lead your Players inside the Hollow Earth! The loot of murderous bank robbers hidden in an ancient burial site... A Setting in America, written by a German in English language while living in Norway, this is really an international project in itself. And it is fairly fantastic what Grindoctor bestows us here.  He released it a while ago, so you may already played or rea

The last hours of Mars(-Kickstarter)

Hello Again! The Space:1889 Mars Kickstarter is near the finish line. At this moment there are only 36 hours to get on board of the Aetherflyer. The 25.000€ (ca. 29.000$) Stretchgoal has finally fallen. You get an full Adventure printed inside the book. That is more than the German Version has! The ~4 hour Adventure "Emerald Waters" from Dominic Hladek is about 20 pages, and a very fun way to let your Players learn something about the history and people of Mars.After an initial attack of High Martian the Party crash landed there airship near a Canal-Martian Village where they have to gain the trust of the Natives, time is scarce because the High Martians will come again for they prey.... If you can get enough support together, (30.000€) They will print all the PDF Stretchgoals into an own booklet! German Cover for the booklet If you like Space:1889 I strongly suggest you support this Kickstarter. It will show Clockwork Publishing the International love for the ga

News, News, News

This summer is hot in Germany and it is hot in Ubiquity-Land, too. That much is going on this year. It makes me happy to see all the new stuff coming out for Ubiquity! Have your News: Robert, the creator of Roan wants to expand his RPG about Diesel-Punk-Ponies. Roan WORLD AT WAR is planned to go on Kickstarter in December. Roan is going to enter into a World War which will follow an abstract use of warfare with platoon vs. platoon combat. A lot of balancing is going into creating the various platoons. Future additions whether to the main book or as micro expansions will include creating airships, ships, and other types of vehicle combat. A lot more that really can’t be presented in such a short summary! Sound amazing to me, even if you (like me) don''t like the idea of using Ponies as characters! Danger Magnets Presents Kickstarter for the Legacy of Darkness Campaign destroys there Strechtgoals fasten than I can report about it. You get the Vampire-E