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Hello again!

It has grown a bit more silent the last weeks in the Ubiquity-Realm. Maybe some Post-Gen-Con Downtime? I don't know. But something is happening anyway.

Here is your round up:

Black Campbell Entertainment

The Fate and Ubiquity versions of “Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean” are ready for PDF, but print is taking a bit longer than desired. It’s 144 pages with dogfight rules for the respective systems, loads of planes, NPCs, pirate gangs, and an overview of the Mediterranean in the 1920s and early 1930s.
Price for the ebook will be $9.99, the physical book $19.99.

Danger Magnets Presents 

The Kickstarter for Legacy of Darkness is one week away from the finish line. If you are a supporter of the 15$ level or above (even if they forgot to write it in the softcover-level) you will get the adventure AND 4 smaller PDF Adventures extra! Adventure number 5 (at 7000$) is only 12$ away. New Stretchgoal at 8000$ is a Savage Worlds Conversion, so tell your friends who play on the wrong side of the fence about it!
Check out the Danger Magnet Website or there Facebook Page for some nice Free Stuff. On Facebook there is something new every work day!

In Germany the Uhrwerk Verlag released the Space:1889 Paris-Campaign- and Sourcebook. This time only in German. If you want an English translation let them know. Write them a Message on the Website, or a message on there English Facebook Page.

A4 Softcover, ca. 112 Seiten, 19,95 Euro – Paris 1889 – Im Angesicht der Welten jetzt im Shop bestellen 
PDF, 9,99 Euro – Paris 1889 – Im Angesicht der Welten jetzt als PDF im Shop bestellen

A very interesting and useful Gadget Brennall shared with us in the German Uhrwerk-Board. An Wolfram|Alpha Widget to calculate the length of your Aether-Travel on a specific date. Not an easy task if you considering the permanent motion in different speeds and different orbits of the planets in our solar system. Have fun with it!

You have some News to share? I Forgot something? You want to get a review?  Contact me here, on Facebook or Mail at taketheaverage@gmail.com.




  1. I haven't been following "Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean", but I really should be. The name alone makes me want to play it. I'll have to look into some notification of when I can get a copy.


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2019 Week 3

This week we have an fantastic HEX-Podcast and a Cthulhu-Preorder from Triple Ace Games. I have to write it again. Preorder. NOT a Kickstarter. We life in an age of wonder.
Check it out!

A Preorder NOT A KICKSTARTER for a new Leagues of Cthulhu Book.

“I wandered lonely as dead Cthulhu
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A fistful of News

Greetings my fellow Gamers!

I was away from my workplace for a long weekend (in Denmark), and so much happened in this time...lets start!

The PDF-Inserts for the Quantum Black GM Screen are released for the Backers of Quantum Black Dark Designs. Looks good in my humble opinion. You are a Backer and didn't have them? Check your mails! I'm sure they will go on DriveThru for Non-Backers in a couple of days.

Black Campbell released the first printed book. A print on demand version of Skypirates of the Mediterranean via DriveThru. You bought the PDF already? Send Black Campbell a Message with your DriveThru mail address and you will get a discount on the book for the whole PDF price!

Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean (for Ubiquity) Softcover&PDF Bundle 19.99$
The notoriously industrious people of Danger Magnet have some new goody for you. Mike Dukes released a new league for Triple Ace Games Leagues of Gothic Horror for free!

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I'm predicted it in my last Newspost! Was some time away from my Blog and promptly Jeff Combos resurfaced. The magic power of my procrastination!
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Starting with the Kickstarter for the Cthulhu Codicil. After a really slow growing support for this project, TAG decided to unlock all the writing stretchgoal (almost every Stretchgoal) to give it a little push. As a backer you get now a 196 Pages book in exclusive hardcover. Retail will be 170 pages in softcover. The project is at the moment at 1000 ₤ past the finish line.
Congratulations for Wiggy and his Team!
You have 45 hours left to become a Backer and catch yourself some extra pages!
Starts with 20₤ for the PDF, or 35₤ for the book (+shipping)
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