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Greetings again!

It's a while since my last post, but not much happens out there to write about the last weeks.
I'm personally was occupied with having a cold and lay manly in my bed dying, or on another occasion helping my mother moving to the neighbouring country.

By the way, not much is not the same as nothing, so get started for something.

TAG released the Satans Playground PDF on DriveThru. The 30 Years War Supplement for the musketeer role-playing game All For One Régime Diabolique.

Having been successfully kickstarted and with backers already perusing their copies, it's time to unleash Satan's Playground into the wider world! A print-on-demand version will be released later in the year.
War is hell at the best of times, but it gets worse when the powers of Hell are directly involved.
Satan’s Playground expands All for One into the Thirty Years’ War, a brutal conflict that is ripping Germany and neighboring lands apart.
As survivors of the ever-expanding war, characters will face the ravages of plague, marauding armies, cruel mercenaries, Satanic cults, starving peasants who will sink their teeth into anything edible, and twisted fiends from hell.
Contents include new character options, a history of the war as far as 1636, a gazetteer detailing Germany and her neighbors, rules for foraging and scavenging, diabolical mundane and supernatural threats, and advice for running adventures in a war torn land.
Satan’s Playground requires the All For One Régime Diabolique RPG.
You can get it via DriveThru for 16.99$

Quantum Black have made another announcement and a small preview for the kickstarter-backer of their supplement Dark Designs.
Short, they have all the content together and are working hard on the layout/design. An Beta PDF for the backers was signalled (hopefully) in the next 10 days after the update (this deadline would be on Monday).
Read it all yourself:

We have been hard at work getting everything together and it finally is getting there!!  YAY!! 
All the Directors have approved their content. 
We decided to add the new monsters directly to the book instead of sending them out as a separate item. This has put us back a little in re-layout and time, but in the end we figured it would add more value to the book for you. That said we have finished a first pass of the final layout. 
We now need to check things over, add fancy chapter titles, etc.
In order to get this into your hands as soon as possible we hope to get a Beta PDF to backers within the next 10 days.

Now all the pieces are getting together, I will be sending updates much more frequently. 
In the meantime enjoy the story of one of our new monsters... 
This monster is the brainchild of our superbacker Andrew Jensen......

Case file #0099 – Operative Jensen – Team Assassin Bug – Operation Deadly Seas - Near Charleston, SC  
 Our team was called in to investigate possible impact of the sudden mysterious appearance of masses of white globs off of the coast of Charleston, SC. Were they dangerous? Would they affect shipping? Moreover, what are these things? Fortunately, there was a Mission Boat available, the Valkyrie, a SB-200 Kraken boat, was just finishing retrofit in Virginia Beach. We called in a few favors and the ship was ours for a week. We left immediately. We arrived on scene to what looked like a field of giant marshmallows covering the about a 300’ diameter area atop the water. Dr. Krisnow started sending probes into the water and detected nothing. We picked one out of the water, and that is when it got weird. The one on the deck started squirming and began to absorb a nearby machine we had been monitoring it with. Before we could really react, it absorbed most of Dr. Krisnow. Axford and I went in and tried chopping the thing to bits, but we had no apparent effect. The beast tried to kill us by using what was left of Krisnow to bludgeon us to death. Wiping off some brain matter, I decided to electrocute this thing. I used my electric cattle prod and let it go at full strength. The thing exploded goo and slime and Krisnow bits everywhere. The water roiled as the rest of the globs started moving. They began emitting an eerie greenish glow. The water gave off the same hellish light. A high-pitched whining started and then ended as suddenly all the globs exploded at once. Directly after this a giant, winged, serpentine thing erupted from the water and then flew off to the north. We fired our weapons at the snake thing, but it escaped. We tried to figure out what just happened. The water was slick with slime and bits of sea trash, the smell was awful, the air was filled with an indescribable stench. As we investigated the scene we found that below us was the Liberty ship Monrovia that sunk in 1959. The manifest said it was carrying unidentified relics captured after World War II to New York City for analysis and repatriation. We sent divers down to the wreck and it looked like an underwater bomb had just gone off in the hold. There was nothing left intact.   
 Mission Status: Not resolved. One Casualty. 

Now something for my German readers only (sorry). Clawden is streaming a session Space:1889 on the planet Venus.
Clawden spielt streamt [Space:1889] Venusische Gefilde

As always:
Any Mistakes? Forgot something? You want to share your stuff or release your own article here? Let me know!




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Hello again!

It has grown a bit more silent the last weeks in the Ubiquity-Realm. Maybe some Post-Gen-Con Downtime? I don't know. But something is happening anyway.

Here is your round up:

Black Campbell Entertainment The Fate and Ubiquity versions of “Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean” are ready for PDF, but print is taking a bit longer than desired. It’s 144 pages with dogfight rules for the respective systems, loads of planes, NPCs, pirate gangs, and an overview of the Mediterranean in the 1920s and early 1930s.
Price for the ebook will be $9.99, the physical book $19.99.

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Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean - The PDF is finally here!

You can't take the Sky from me... Hello Everybody!
It is finally here. The PDF of Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean from Black Campbell Entertainment is out on DriveThruRPG! 146 pages of daring adventures on the Sky of the Mediterranean Sea. 
There will be a Discount for the printed book, if you got the PDF first!
Take a look and get it!

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