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Some newsy News

Hello again my fellow Gamers!
Before I start in my weekend to carry a bunch of furniture out of one house and later into another (I furiously hate any kind of moving with all my heart), here is your News Update.
Not so much to report this week, but TAG have some stuff to share with us.

Some more Cthulhu Codicil Preview

Wiggy showed 8 Pages of his new project. Remember that the preview pages are from different chapters, and have not a continuing content. The artwork is a placeholder.

The whole Preview is here.
Someone else hyped for a visit in the Dreamlands?
The campaign starts at 18th October!

Another Leagues of Adventure Appendix. 

The third one is logically called Appendix 1. Check it out yourself!

Leagues of Adventure Appendix 1: Cads & Cultists released!
This mini-supplement for Leagues of Adventure expands on the Globetrotters' Guide to Cads & Cultists, adding more dastardly foes for your Leagues of Adventure and Leagues of Gothic Horror campaigns.
* Four new cads (Clockwork Copper, Delphine LaLaurie, Henrietta Waverley, and The Jester)
* Five new vile organizations (The Frighteners, The Orphan Relief Society, The Preservers, The Rose & Shine Agency, and The Safe Hands Removal Company)

You can get it on DriveThru  8 pages for  2.99$

Sign of Life

The team postet a small Update on their Facebook page. Not much content, but more than we heard the last weeks.

Hello all! Things are going well. We are finishing up the content that was added during the Kickstarter (from pledge levels and stretch goals). We should be putting them into layout this weekend. We also have the art for the iconic Spider Team characters finished. We'll keep you posted.

Hope to hear and see more in the near future. 

Danger Magnets started (to develop?) a new Campaign Setting for Hollow Earth Expedition.
Subtle Steel Crew is about the crew of a steam-powered tramp freighter in the interwar period.
Today they even added a Character creation Guide on their Facebook Page.

Also there is a Contest to create a seafaring Character.

We were going to do a style point give away.
We considered giving away a pulp magazine.

However this time we'll make the contest UNIQUE!
This Friday we'll release a character creation guide for a new campaign: Captain Hatari and the Crew of the Subtle Steel.
Groups will be making sailors to crew their own ship to explore exotic ports of call, head into the unknown, and engage in all the wonderful action and excitement of the pulps.
We want to see YOUR sailor character come to life.
Using ANY Ubiquity book from ANY COMPANY share YOUR version of the best PC you can make that would take part in an exciting ongoing campaign centered around NAUTICAL ADVENTURE.
The winner will have their character brought to life in an original piece of art that DANGER MAGNET will commission.
Stat em up, give us the background, the description, and ONE lucky DENZIEN OF DANGER will SEE their character.
This should be fun!

I hold up the German Ubiquity flag with a Character made with the Space:1889 Rules. Our thriving Ubiquity RPG!
Will you really let me win without any resistance?
You are not on Facebook? Send me your Character and an Name/Alias and I will  put it in.

Last week we had a video of Louis Counter making a Character for his Campaign. This week we have the first 2 Hours Stream of the Campaign itself.

The Action started 10 mins into the Video. I like the Idea of the cinematic character introduction. Unfortunately the sound is not the best from all the players. If you can live with that, it is fun to watch/hear.

That is all there is for this time.

Any Mistakes? Forgot something? You want to share your stuff or release your own article here? Let me know!




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Hello again!

It has grown a bit more silent the last weeks in the Ubiquity-Realm. Maybe some Post-Gen-Con Downtime? I don't know. But something is happening anyway.

Here is your round up:

Black Campbell Entertainment The Fate and Ubiquity versions of “Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean” are ready for PDF, but print is taking a bit longer than desired. It’s 144 pages with dogfight rules for the respective systems, loads of planes, NPCs, pirate gangs, and an overview of the Mediterranean in the 1920s and early 1930s.
Price for the ebook will be $9.99, the physical book $19.99.

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Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean - The PDF is finally here!

You can't take the Sky from me... Hello Everybody!
It is finally here. The PDF of Sky Pirates of the Mediterranean from Black Campbell Entertainment is out on DriveThruRPG! 146 pages of daring adventures on the Sky of the Mediterranean Sea. 
There will be a Discount for the printed book, if you got the PDF first!
Take a look and get it!

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